David W. Ball has been to 65 countries on six continents.  He has lived and worked in variousparts of Africa. In the course of researching his novel Empires of Sand, he crossed the Sahara desert four times, and got lost there only once.  Research trips for other novels have taken him to China, Istanbul, Algeria, and Malta -- a little island where so far he hasn't gotten lost at all.

A former pilot, sarcophagus maker, and businessman, David has driven a taxi in New York City and built a road in West Africa.He installed telecommunications equipment in Cameroun and explored the Andes in a Volkswagen bus. He has renovated old Victorian houses in Denver and pDavid in Jordanumped gasoline in the Grand Tetons.

He has a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and enjoys skiing, fishing, baseball, and opera.

His books have been published in multiple editions in a dozen languages including Greek, Serbian, and Polish. The novels include Empires of Sand, China Run, and Ironfire.  A short story, The Scroll, appears in an anthology entitled Warriors, published in 2010.

After finishing Ironfire David took some years off to do other things, but has recently been observed sitting in a corner of his study, listening for the voices in his head to see if anyone is still home.  No word on that as yet, but he is currently at work on a novel set in Paris during the Occupation. He recently completed a short story, Provenance, that will appear in a new anthology, Rogues, to be published by Random House/Bantam in June 2014.David in Wadi Rum, Jordan with Ben, Li, and Melinda

David lives with his wife, Melinda, and their children, Ben and Li, on a farm east of Boulder, Colorado.  Two horses and a dog round out the menagerie. The family is pictured above in Wadi Rum, Jordan, in June 2013.

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