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Empires of Sand
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Delacorte (Bantam Dell)

"Crowded with events that both forecast and mirror the conflicts of today…Ball’s wealth of realistic detail and depth of characterization bring to vivid life this exciting 16th-century historical adventure. I couldn’t put it down, and thought about it for days later."
                                            Jean M. Auel

"An epic adventure with action, suspense, and romance. David Ball brings alive sultan's palaces, the world of corsairs and knights and the realities of 16th-century medicine and combat."
                                            Phillip M. Margolin, author of
Wild Justice


Empires of Sand
Published by Bantam / Dell
ISBN 0-440-23668-1
Paperback price $6.99

Now available in seven languages.

"A splendid adventure tale..."
                                   The Boston Globe

"Expertly told...leaves a lasting impression..."
                                           The Washington Post


China Run
Published by Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 0-7432-2743-3
Price $24.00

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