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"...A mammoth tale of war, romance, treachery and coming-of-age...set in 19th century Paris and the spectacular expanse of the Sahara desert....An exciting, action-packed epic that will appeal to history buffs, thrill-seekers, travel enthusiasts and romance fans."                                

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Two cousins, caught between crumbling empires in a world gone mad....

A wild boar and a zealot nun...an evil bishop and a scheming social climber...a desperate desert march...an ostrich hunt...slaves trapped beneath the sands...the doomed search for a route for a railroad...Paris starving, under siege by the armies of Bismarck...escape by balloon...and finally, the wonder of love.... 

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Empires of Sand
by David W. Ball
Published by Bantam/Dell
ISBN 0-440-23668-1
Price: $6.95

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