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David, Melinda, and Ben, almost 9, traveled to China to pick up Li in 1997. We flew from Hong Kong to Nanjing and took a van to Jiangyin, a town on the Yangtze River where we met Li at the orphanage.  We waited three days for her papers in a hotel in Wuxi - the three-day period in which the novel China Run was born.  The picture on the right is the only one we had to look at for the months during which we were waiting to travel.

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Ben on the way to get a new sister. He was not exactly excited about the prospect.

Jiangyin Children Welfare House, Jiangsu Province

laundry time at the orphanage

the first look

Li (Jiang Yu was her orphanage name) being held by one of the marvelous orphanage aunties in Jiangyin.

dad and new munchkin

Li, 9 months, and Ben, 8

Melinda and Li at the pool in Wuxi

Ben and Li at the pool in Wuxi

Ben teaching Li to sit up amidst the pillows. She'd spent most of her life in a crib, and had no muscle tone. That changed in a hurry.

At a notary's office in Nanjing, with the certificate of adoption

David, Ben, and Li

By train from Wuxi to Nanjing

the first night in the hotel, Wuxi

We waited three days in the Wuxi hotel for Li's papers

Killing time with Game Boy

Guangzhou, where we picked up Li's visa

Li's medical exam in Guangzhou

Waiting in the Nanjing airport for a much-delayed flight to Guangzhou

Nanjing, at the memorial to Sun Yat-Sen

Li, presently aged 8, during a trip to Spain.