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Poyang Hu to Youlan

Poyang Hu is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, and also the setting for a bird preserve. The author took a fishing boat from Hukou in the north to Youlan in the south.

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Numerous types of fishing boats ply the waters of Poyang Hu

Ren Kai, the fisherman who took the author across Poyang Hu

Ren Kai's boat

the hiding place for Tyler and Wen Li in Youlan

a resident of the Youlan pigpen

Poyang Hu is the largest freshwater lake in China. Summer floods swell the lake to 20 times its winter size.

arched bamboo roofs provide shelter from the elements

Boats berthed along one of the innumerable streams feeding into Poyang Hu

Fishermen say a falling star landed in the lake near this pagoda, which brings luck to the fishermen of Poyang Hu

Oyster fishermen

traps in Poyang Hu

Ren Kai and his wife Mei Ling in Youlan


fishing boats

sleeping quarters

Youlan, the peaceful fishing village at the southern edge of Poyang Hu


Youlan, near the pigpen where Tyler and Wen Li hide