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Up the Yangtze to Stone Bell Hill

Many of these scenes and places figure in the novel.

Gallery Home Getting Li Faces & Places The Yangtze Poyang Hu South China

(Click on any picture to see a larger image)

the Bund in Shanghai

One of the spectacular gardens of Suzhou

Dusk at Lushan

The rustbucket that inspired the 432 Springtime Flower, on which the author sailed the Yangtze from Nanjing to Jiujiang.

The ship's galley

The ship's wheelhouse

the ancient canal in Suzhou

A police boat on the Yangtze

One of the thousands of small cargo boats that ply the lower Yangtze

Cameras on the Shanghai Freeway, which the police use to search for the fugitives

Stone Bell Hill, at the confluence of the Yangtze and lake Poyang Hu, where the 432 Springtime Flower sinks

Lushan (not the author's photo)




canal boat in Suzhou

Suzhou street

the author in a pedicab in Suzhou

a life-size toothpaste ad, made of concrete