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On Sale in the USA

A Delacorte Book
Bantam Dell
A Division of Random House, Inc.
ISBN 0-385-33601-2
$ 24.95

On Sale in the UK
under the title

The Sword and the Scimitar
A Division of
Random House UK
ISBN: 0091799414

On Sale in Germany
under the title
Asha: Sohn von Malta
ISBN: 3795118263
EUR 22,90


UK Paperback
  UK - The Sword and the Scimitar

Ironfire - Germany
Germany - Asha, Sohn von Malta:
Now a book club selection

Spain - El Otomano
Spain - El Otomano
Salamandra - Barcelona

Audiobook on cassette and CD
Recorded Books

For the serious student,
a complete set of Stiff's Notes

Ironfire - Poland

France - Vol I
France - La prisonnière de Malte

France - Vol 2
France - La prisonnière de Malte

Turkey - Vol I

Turkey, Volume I

Turkey - Vol II

Turkey, Volume II

Greek Cover



 Ironfire - Serbian edition


Ironfire - US Trade Paperback Edition 
US - Trade Paperback Edition

Sword and the Scimitar - UK Hardback
UK - The Sword and the Scimitar
Hardcover edition

France - book club vol 1
France - Vol I
France - book club 2
France - Vol I
Germany - Weltbild book club
Germany - book club edition
Asha: German edition
Germany - Schneekluth hardcover